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10 year old boy stole the brush 28 thousand of all working parents to anchor the gift Mr. Zhou people broke the news to the 630 hotline, his bank deposits inexplicable less than twenty-eight thousand, and when he knew the truth, the skull! Mr. Zhou and his wife to the bank to withdraw money, only to find the bank deposits inexplicable less than twenty-eight thousand, after a detailed transaction bill, the couple are ignorant. Original…… It was the 10 year old child Xiao Yu, secretly spending on the phone. This led to a bank account money Bibi spent, and parents do not know. According to bank data show that within just a month, a total of 28757 yuan spent a small yuan, which makes the work of small parents rely on nearly collapse. Mr. Zhou’s son Xiao Yu this year, only 10 years old, the couple weekdays busy, the child discipline is more relaxed, after his son came home from school, often with Mr. Zhou’s cell phone games. Xiaoyu told the 630 have material brother, after finishing his homework every day, he will play hand travel. His favorite shooting, competitive games, often using mobile phones to buy game equipment. Originally, Mr. Zhou’s WeChat account binding bank card, you can use the phone online payment directly. Arguably, mobile phone payment should have a chargeback reminder, why Mr. Zhou couple without even knowing it? Because the parents did not find, the courage to play more small Yu, he also downloaded the game video client to watch live online, learning game skills. Even many times to buy online gifts to the game anchor. Even more amazing is that only one night, Xiao Yu had given a anchor worth 9000 yuan of game currency. Then here comes the question…… Bear children secretly spent this huge amount of money can not come back? 630 material brother consulted Chongqing Zhi Zhi Zhi law firm. Lawyer Chen Jiankang said: from the legal point of view, children aged 10 to limit the capacity for civil conduct, but online transactions through mobile phone on both sides, the other does not know the kids in the operation, so the network game party does not have any fault, suggests that parents can contact with the service provider operations, negotiation process. Mr. Zhou has been linked to the game, video site operators, are waiting for each other’s reply. 630 have material brother reminder, the Internet is too developed, beware of children swipe card. In front of the baby, parents should also take care of their own payment account, payment password.相关的主题文章:

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