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Weight-Loss Why do so many of us fail or give up our efforts to lose weight? The reason is that we pay too little attention to our emotions and what drive us to eat unnecessarily. If you are able to get a grip on these emotions, you have a better chance of success and losing weight and keeping it off. Here’s a motivation checklist: 1. Make a commitment As with every goal in life, make a commitment to lose weight that no matter what happens, rain or shine, you are committed to make that trip to the gym. Adopt that "I can do it" attitude and remember to draw on these successes when the next time you are faced with yet another challenge. 2. Give yourself 10 good reasons List 10 things that drive your weight-loss desires, for example , "lower my cholesterol level" or "increase my energy level" or "fit into that new bikini". Keep the list handy , either in your purse, or at your desk where you cannot miss it. When you suffer a dip in motivation, looking at the list will guarantee a recharge. 3. Downsize the less than healthy foods Who says you cannot enjoy your life while dieting. The key is to eat in moderation all the things that you love. Eat with awareness. If you must have your regular fix of icecream or chocolate, plan your eating habit. Establish how much you consume in a week, cut it by half or a third, either through size or frequency. 5. Practise never-miss-a-meal habit It is a fact and reality that whenever we skip meals and become extremely hungry and sluggish, we tend to grab any food to satisfy hunger for example potato chips or some snacks. Or we could gobble down in larger volume for the next meal. So the lesson here is to ensure you never miss your healthy meals. Imagine the energy that you get when you practise healthy eating habits. 6. Share your gameplan Set up your support system and share with those whom you think can encourage you in your weightloss effort. Decide what you want friends and family to do to encourage you. For example, remind them to be mindful of what or what not to offer you in terms of food. 7. Stop thinking little things have no calories Sometimes we tend to forget little bites like a handful of potato chips, sweets, jelly beans – are too small to have any calories. They all add up. Think of how little satisfaction you get from these little bites and how they negate your effort to lose weight. Over time, you will adjust your eating pattern and will no longer be tempted by these little distractions. 8. Post a note strategically Put signs in your kitchen or refrigerator to remind you, "what you are looking for is not here". Sometimes we have a tendency to overcome any emotional upset by eating. Instead go out and exercise and release the emotional baggage. That is guaranteed to make you feel better than eating anyway. 9. Recharge your motivation battery There will be down times when you are in no mood to exercise or cook healthy food. You might think it is easier to just order pizza. It is time you revist your goals and remind yourself you got this far, so why blow it now. Just get up and run. 10. Celebrate the smallest of victories Focus on your successes, no matter how small they are. Write them down and put the list where you can see them to motivate you. You will feel gratified and happy that you have made achievements and will encourage you to increase your successes. About the author: Nora M is an advertising veteran and now runs her own net business. She owns a site on weight loss, with the aim to give useful tips on how to lose weight quickly and effectively. Get more tips and resources here: ..rapidweightloss.nmaskuri.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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